Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches.
And while others act, he plans.
And when they finally rest… he strikes.

What is The Sharp Plays? I have been involved in the business of betting since the early 90’s. For my background, visit the Background page. Put simply, I post INFORMATION (a.k.a. content). My content includes algorithm analysis, sharp money reporting, public money reporting and reporting on everything inside and out of the sports and event betting markets. My goal is to provide YOU with information to use in YOUR handicapping & betting. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what/how to bet, I’m not your guy. I want to make YOU an informed bettor when making YOUR decisions. I’ll track the performance of every bit of content I post solely to help YOU in YOUR analysis and use of that content. I don’t care if you FADE or FOLLOW the information, whatever works for YOU! Over 95% of my content is posted FREE & DAILY on Twitter and this website. The other 5% is paid content.

Content Plans for February 2020

The sports betting business is hardly heavy physical lifting but it is definitely mentally exhausting! The run from August through the Super Bowl has you managing NFL & NCAAF, MLB Playoffs and World Series, NBA, NHL and NCAABB. Before you get to breathe the wild action of Thanksgiving week is upon you, then Bowl Season hits you, NFL Playoffs and that leads right to the Super Bowl. It is constant action and easily the biggest betting time of the year. We are all humans and we cannot operate at a fever pitch forever. We all need a break. With March Madness bringing more crazy action, February becomes the time when most in the industry take a break and force themselves away from the markets. It was a lesson I learned years ago from my sports betting Yoda… get away from it all in February! So, like in every year before, I will be stepping away in February. I will still post some daily info to Twitter and post Freeze or Poison if they bet but the volume of content will be nowhere near what you got used to daily from August to February. I hope the action will give you a little fix as we all hopefully rest and recharge to get ready for the MADNESS that will arrive in March! I will be using February to look back on a crazy year and make changes for the year ahead. Last year was my biggest expansion of content. I see a lot I did right and plenty I did wrong, I look forward to using that to make the best version of The Sharp Plays moving forward for 2020!!!  I would also advise you to visit The Sharp Plays Index page for today’s chart to view the current market trends. Be sure to check Twitter each day and throughout the day (@TheSharpPlays) as I will post content plans for the day among a treasure trove of other information.