Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches.
And while others act, he plans.
And when they finally rest… he strikes.

What is The Sharp Plays? I have been involved in the business of betting since the early 90’s. Visit the Background page for the details. Put simply, I post INFORMATION (a.k.a. content). My content includes algorithm analysis, sharp money reporting, public money reporting and a look at everything happening in the betting markets. My goal is to provide YOU with information to use in YOUR handicapping & betting. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what/how to bet, I’m not your guy. I want to make YOU an informed bettor when making YOUR decisions. I’ll track the performance of every bit of content I post, solely to help YOU in YOUR analysis and use of that content. I don’t care if you FADE or FOLLOW the information, whatever works for YOU! Over 95% of my content is posted FREE & DAILY on Twitter and this website. The other 5% is paid content, usually once a week.

Content Plans for May 2020

Normally, in May I would be covering the NBA & NHL Playoffs, tennis, soccer and of course, MLB. Well, this year, the COVID-19 virus has gotten in the way of that coverage. Now I find myself covering Belarus & Nicaraguan soccer, table tennis, horse racing, Korean baseball and eSports. I have also added financial market analysis to my content offering, which has been quite successful. So, despite COVID-19, the activity at The Sharp Plays has not slowed down much. In May, Bundesliga soccer is expected to return. Having a major soccer league back in action would be excellent. We also have UFC slated for May 9th and then every week thereafter. Throw in the fact that Dr. Fauci wants to see sports leagues back in action and maybe we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless, I will continue to put out daily content in May covering the ponies, any action in the sports betting markets (regardless of the size) as well as financial market coverage. I hope the content helps to keep you occupied on quarantine while supplying a little fun in the process! Please be sure to stay safe & healthy! Don’t forget to view The Sharp Plays Index for today’s chart of the current market trends. Be sure to also check Twitter throughout the day (@TheSharpPlays) as I’ll post content plans among a treasure trove of information. Good luck in your action!