Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches.
And while others act, he plans.
And when they finally rest… he strikes.

There is only so much you can do on Twitter. Given the volume of information out there, sometimes a “tweet” just doesn’t cut it. The Sharp Plays website will allow me to post more data and information on the markets. It will allow me to tweet something and if needed, connect it to this site for illustrations, charting, showing my work on calculations (just like your 3rd grade teacher always wanted), record keeping and/or just providing additional details.

Today’s Notes for July 23rd

I definitely plan to pass most of next July. It’s not the first time it has been a boring month for action. Aside from Wimbledon, the Women’s World Cup and the Home Run Derby, there was little excitement this month. I have stayed away from the MLB daily algorithms. The insane scoring makes it silly to even risk units right now. No reason to put the +45.5 units of profit from the first half at risk when the market clearly favors the OVER. Yesterday a perfect example with 9-0-1 for the OVERs. For the action yesterday, I was pleased with the way the value looked at least with the MLB sides. Not overwhelmingly strong but definitely much better than it has been performing. It’s been a nice change of pace the past few days. It has given me some confidence that wagering on the side values is once again a good proposition. Totals on the other hand remain up in the air. Football can’t come fast enough. There just isn’t much worth betting on the daily menu.

I also post daily comments on the following pages which are worth a quick look if you are a regular follower… click this link to the TSP Betting Index page for today’s chart & additional commentary. Click this link to check the Algorithms page for today’s algorithm plans, plays & information.

July Content Plans: I take a lot of time away from the markets in July and into early August. The break allows me to get ready for the marathon of football that lies ahead. July is also when I finalize and renew my contracts for the upcoming football season. Therefore my July and early August content, as well as my availability, will be light.

August Content Plans: In early August I’ll be away for my final real vacation before the Super Bowl. From August 9th/10th on out, it’ll be time for football prep. Once regular season NCAA football starts, I will be at the PC and in the bunker regularly. What that means is I will be back to posting individual sharp bettor action and the content you got used to during March Madness and the NBA/NHL seasons. It’ll be full content from late August through the Super Bowl!