Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches.
And while others act, he plans.
And when they finally rest… he strikes.

There is only so much you can do on Twitter. Given the volume of information out there, sometimes a “tweet” just doesn’t cut it. The Sharp Plays website will allow me to post more data and information on the markets. It will allow me to tweet something and if needed, connect it to this site for illustrations, charting, showing my work on calculations (just like your 3rd grade teacher always wanted), record keeping and/or just providing additional details.

Content Plans for September 2019

September brings the beginning of the football season! It’s always an exciting time of year for bettors and the books. For me, it’s back to business! I will be consulting a few gaming clients again this year which means I will be busy. It also means I will be at the computer regularly. So while of course my consulting work gets priority (sorry), I should have plenty of time to pop in and out of Twitter with content. I look forward to putting up the best content I am able. I put together a post regarding my plans for football which will encapsulate my tentative ideas for September and the season. You can view the article at: The 2019-20 NFL & NCAA Football Agenda! For football algorithms, I have selected two which will be posted consistently on a weekly basis. One algorithm is a side algorithm for NCAA football and the other is a side algorithm for the NFL. I will be posting both of these algorithms each week. I will update their current season performance in the records section to the right. The side algorithm for NCAA was developed in 2016 and carries a 58.6% win percentage with a 19% ROI. The side algorithm for NFL was developed in 2013 and carries a 60.3% win percentage and a 21% ROI. I will also have other algorithms make guest appearances on Twitter for both NFL and NCAAF. So far I have one algorithm in testing which is a 1st Quarter NFL algorithm. I do expect to have a few more as the season gets rolling. The good part of September is football is here. However with the arrival of football and all the content it presents, other sports will fall to the wayside in coverage. I apologize but there is simply not enough time. So, if I have one hour I can dedicate to The Sharp Plays content on a given Saturday or Sunday, football will get about 30-40 minutes of the hour. The remaining 20-30 minutes will be split checking out European soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, UFC, etc. As I’ve said, football season is a lot of fun and February will be here before we know it. In between now and then I hope to have all of us enjoy the fun and excitement that football brings and cash some tickets in the process!

I also post daily comments, selection/algorithm information and other notes on the Algorithms page. I would also advise you to visit The Sharp Plays Index page for today’s market commentary and chart.