Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches.
And while others act, he plans.
And when they finally rest… he strikes.

What is The Sharp Plays? I have been involved in the business of betting since the early 90’s. For my background, visit the Background page. Put simply, I post CONTENT. My content includes algorithm analysis, sharp money reporting, public money reporting and reporting on everything inside and out of the sports and event betting markets. While I do offer paid content, I am not a sports handicapper. Fine by me if you want to call me a “Tout”, but my goal is to provide YOU with information to use in YOUR handicapping & betting. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what/how to bet, I’m not your guy. I don’t care if you FADE or FOLLOW the information, whatever works for YOU! I want to make YOU an informed bettor when making YOUR decisions. I’ll track the performance of every bit of content I post solely to help YOU in YOUR analysis and use of that content. Over 95% of my content is posted FREE & DAILY on Twitter and this website. The other 5% is paid content, typically once or twice a week.

Content Plans for January 2020

Another successful year is in the books! It was a lot of fun and the content expansion in 2019 was quite exciting and very profitable! I look forward to an even greater expansion in the data analysis and information reporting for 2020. In the immediate future, for the month of January, it will be business as usual. I will be covering the conclusion of the bowls, the start of the NFL Playoffs and will transition to greater coverage of NCAABB as football winds down. I also plan to unveil a new tracking system that will monitor the top bettor action in real time. I look forward also to expanded usage of the LJP system. Then once the Super Bowl arrives and concludes, I will be taking a little break from February 4th on out. I will still have daily Twitter content and update any necessary records at the website but it will be about 20% of the normal content. Rest, recharge and travel is the name of the game come February!  I also post daily comments, selection/algorithm information and other notes on the Algorithms page. I would also advise you to visit The Sharp Plays Index page for today’s chart.

COMPLETE CONTENT TRACKING & RECORDS – Records for Mr. Poison can be found on the Mr. Poison page. Records for Robin Hood Selections, Premium Plays, Personal Plays (Free on Twitter), active algorithms and algorithms in testing can be found on the right of this page. Records for the Little John Protocol (LJP Scores) can be found at The Little John Protocol. Records for all other content I post to Twitter & this website can be found in the table below. Any unit tracking is posted just as a means to quantify performance and SHOULD NOT be construed as a suggestion to wager on or against any of the content posted. Records below were updated 1:00pm ET on 1/24

Public Concentration NBA 37 40 48.1% -8.0
Sharp Concentration NBA 37 39 48.7% -4.8
Public Concentration NCAABB 31 42 42.5% -15.2
Sharp Concentration NCAABB 41 32 56.2% +5.8
Public Concentration NHL 55 30 64.7% +2.3
Sharp Concentration NHL 47 38 55.3% +4.9
Public Concentration Soccer 4 4 50.0% -2.5
Sharp Concentration Soccer 32 18 64.0% +19.4
Sharp Tennis (No concentrations) 13 10 56.5% +5.6
Sharp Darts (No concentrations) 3 0 100.0% +6.4
Sharp Cricket (No concentrations) 6 1 85.7% +8.1
Pro’s v Joe’s NFL 6 4 60.0% +1.6
Pro’s v Joe’s CFB 3 3 50.0% -0.3
Pro’s v Joe’s NHL 5 2 71.4% +1.8
Pro’s v Joe’s NBA 0 0 0 0
Pro’s v Joe’s NCAABB 3 0 100.0% +3.0
Pro’s v Joe’s Soccer 1 0 100.0% +1.0
Late Sharp Money NFL Sides 8 9 47.1% -0.8
Late Sharp Money NFL Totals 6 7 46.2% -1.7
Late Sharp Money CFB Sides 13 9 59.1% +3.1
Late Sharp Money CFB Totals 22 14 61.1% +6.7
Late Sharp Money NCAABB Sides 2 4 33.3% -2.4
Late Sharp Money NCAABB Totals 1 3 25.0% -2.3
Late Sharp Money NBA Sides 1 0 100.0% +1.0
Late Sharp Money NBA Totals 2 1 66.7% +0.9
Late Sharp Money NHL Sides 1 1 50.0% +0.0
Late Sharp Money NHL Totals 0 0 0.0% +0.0
Late Sharp Money MLB 0 0 0.0% +0.0
Late Sharp Money Tennis 9 3 75.0% +6.1
Late Sharp Money Soccer 6 8 42.9% -2.1
Head Fakes – Betting Late Reverse Sharp Money (all sports) 5 0 100.0% +6.6
NFL “Known” Bettors 0 0 0.0% +0.0
NCAAF “Known” Bettors 1 0 100.0% +1.0
NBA “Known” Bettors 3 0 100.0% +3.4
NCAABB “Known” Bettors 4 2 66.7% +1.8
NHL “Known” Bettors 1 3 25.0% -2.3
Tennis “Known” Bettors 2 0 100.0% +2.4
Soccer “Known” Bettors 0 0 0.0% +0.0