2019 MLB Playoff Series and World Series Analysis


I had a chance to run the Division Round MLB series action through an algorithm I use for post-season MLB series pricing. Of the three series currently with a line hanging, I see one as showing value. The odds listed are from Bookmaker.eu…

1)  St. Louis +125 over Atlanta – I am calculating the odds for this series as St. Louis -118.

I do not yet see a line for Houston and Tampa. I am showing slight value on the Dodgers and slight value on Minnesota. However the value is most likely shading due to public betting. Also, the values are too small to be considered as having an edge within the lines. 

When it comes to the World Series, I am showing value on two teams based on the current lines…

1)  LA Dodgers +275 – I calculate this line as +195. The $.80 difference is rather large considering the size of the line.

2) St. Louis +1000 – I calculate this line as +825. It’s still an 8-1 shot but it is a value based on the current pricing.

That’ll cover it for this year’s Divisional Round and World Series. I will cover the AL & NL pennant prices as well when we get to that point. Enjoy the action!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays