Records for the currently active algorithms are listed to the right. I will use this page to track and breakdown the active algorithms I am using and list any necessary details. I will use the page to save algorithm plays initially posted to Twitter but which will play out over a longer period than just the current day (like golf tournament match-ups or tennis futures). Algorithms and their selections that are not under testing will be posted daily to Twitter (@TheSharpPlays) for monitoring. Algorithms in testing should not be wagered on for any material amount.

Today’s (7/17/19) Algorithm Notes –
    Given what I am seeing in MLB, I am going to continue to hold off on the MLB algorithms I post daily. I don’t think it is a good environment right now and no reason to force it just to have something to bet. I will hold the 45.5 units of profit in reserve for when the markets aren’t so OVER and negative value leaning. I have added the selections for the British Open below. I will work on the Grand Salami next and post that to Twitter when it is ready. The GS algorithm is 0-1 for -1.1 units with the loss by half a run.

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1st Inning O/U version 1.0 (39-25 +11.9 units): NOTHING

1st Inning O/U version 2.0 (35-22 +13.2u): NOTHING

1st 5 Inning (39-25 +12.4u): NOTHING

Full Game (25-16 +8.0u): NOTHING

Overall MLB: 138-88 (61.1%) +45.5 units


I am testing out a new horse racing algorithm designed just to pick the winning horse of a race. I am going to play around with this for a bit but if you would like to follow along with the results I will post it here. I am only going to use it for the big tracks. Today’s horse betting… NOTHING. Horse racing algorithm is 1 Win, 1 Place, 1 Show out of 3 races. A $2 bettor following the algorithm’s suggestions is -$3.40.

My golf ROUND match-up algorithm (7-4 round match-up record +2.8 units) for the British Open is on Scott -121 over Molinari AND Stenson -108 over Schauffele.

My golf FULL TOURNAMENT match-up algorithm (4-1 tournament match-up record +2.7 units) showed top TOURNAMENT match-up bet for the British Open is on Johnson -141 over Woods.

My golf tournament futures algorithm had plays in two tournaments so far this season. For it’s Top 5 at the PGA Championship it selected Koepka at 10/1 and in the US Open it selected #1 Cantlay (+1919) #2 McIlroy (+936) #3 Schauffele (+2282) #4 Scott (+2604) #5 Day (+3091). My golf futures algorithm for the British Open is showing value on: #1 Adam Scott +2077, #2 Bryson DeChambeau +4923, #3 Dustin Johnson +1634, #4 John Rahm +1509 & #5 Rory McIlroy +812.