Given the volume of content I put out, once a season is over I need to store the records for that season somewhere. I pride myself on transparency and to have perpetual transparency, I needed a central location whereby I could store all the past records for my content. Therefore… Welcome to The Sharp Plays Records Archives! Shortly after a season or sport has concluded, records of the content covering that sport will be moved to this page for future reference. If you have any questions or feel something is missing here, please let me know!

Algorithm Records for all MLB algorithms posted to Twitter in 2019…

1st Inning O/U version 1.0 (47-38 +3.7u)

1st Inning O/U version 2.0 (38-23 +15.0u)

1st 5 Inning (46-28 +16.0u)

Full Game (31-24 +5.7u)

Overall MLB Totals: 161-114 (58.5%) +40.2 units

Grand Salami (20-16 +3.0 units)

MLB Underdog (TESTING) (1-1 +0.3 units)

Algorithm Records for all Golf algorithms posted to Twitter in 2019…

Golf Tournament Algo  (9-5 +3.0 units)

Golf Round Algo (TESTING)  (13-16 -4.0 units)