The Automation of Sports Information (Part 1)


The key to sports betting is having the latest information. Twitter helps with speed but often I cannot be on Twitter or the PC right up to every game, each night. I know it seems like I am a robot but I am actually 18% human… which means I do have limitations. I have had so much fun in 2019 with creating new and what I like to think are innovative ideas for analyzing the action and values in sports. My goal is always to look at how technology and automation can create not just an efficient system but the most effective system as well. In my case these systems relate to advantage betting in the sports markets.

Sharp money, due to head fakes, late information or other setups, can often point strong to one team and then just prior to game time, slam the other side. Let’s say I sell a Premium Play for an NCAABB game on a Saturday. In the morning around 11am ET, I see a 4-0 count on Michigan (as an example) which goes off at 3pm ET. It would thereby qualify Michigan as a Premium Play. What is to say though that the 4-0 count doesn’t become a 4-4 count by post time? Now I just released a Premium Play on Michigan and it would not even qualify for Other Sharp Consensus status by game time. Obviously that is VERY IMPORTANT information for you to know if you are betting. If I am out with the family, as I said I am 18% human, I might not be around or checking the action to even see the change from a 4-0 count to a 4-4 count and thereby report it on Twitter. Sure, moves like that are not the norm BUT they can happen. It would not be out of the realm for a 4-0 count to become 4-1 which means it is no longer a Premium Play… and betting should be adjusted accordingly. So, my goal is to have a system that can move with the information in real-time and up to game time. It makes my job in providing content easy BUT in that example where I am out with family, a programmed robot basically allows me to be away from the PC but to get real-time information. In this case I am learning the information AT THE SAME TIME as you and perhaps while I am in the middle of Disney World, not on the PC.

The vision I have for this system is there would be an initial update time when I run the action. Say 11am ET on a NCAABB Saturday. You then can login and see what is on the radar. Then you would follow this play right up to game time. Usually with 15 minutes or less to post, little dramatic change occurs. So, when you hit that 10-15 minute mark you could check the page and place your bet… with limited concern of getting head faked or a major change.

Also, how this system could help is what’s to say that a play not on the radar at 11am or 1pm ET all of a sudden, within 30 minutes of post becomes a 5-0 count?? It has happened many times. If I was not watching the action in that moment, maybe I am out to lunch (in more ways than one, LOL!) I would not even be able to post this for free on Twitter. Again, this is where a 100% robot can come into play and fill in gaps within the content that an 87% robot like myself, cannot.

The development of an automated system addresses both issues. Over the next few days I am hoping to have a system together which will provide real-time top sharp consensus analysis AND the LJP score for any game that shows up on the radar. I think this would be a lot of fun to use for the bowls and busy days like NFL Sunday’s or NCAABB Saturday’s. Stay tuned as I hope to have a demo ready for Tuesday which I will announce in the final football newsletter of the season! More to come on this new idea.

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays