If a Robin Hood Selection is not available today, your purchase will be a pre-order for the next one. You can click here to view the prospective schedule of upcoming Robin Hood Selections. If the link says “PRE-ORDER”, as opposed to “AVAILABLE NOW”, you will get an email which will include a password and  link to access the next Robin Hood Selection. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITHIN 10 MINUTES AFTER YOU COMPLETE YOUR PRE-ORDER PURCHASE, CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY EITHER ON DIRECT MESSAGE OR THIS FORM.

What’s a Robin Hood Selection all about? I posted an Open Letter To Robin Hood Buyers (click link to read) laying it out. The following is the short version… easily over 95% of the information I release on this website and/or on Twitter is free. That’ll never change! However from time to time I will pick a spot to offer an algorithm selection or other advantage information for a small price tag. These RH selections aren’t some special bet or because the information is “super strong” or a “lock”. The time I pick to release a “Robin Hood Selection” is because I will be around to handle any support needs from people buying the information. People have asked for a way to thank me for what I post free to Twitter & this site daily. From time to time I’ll post a Robin Hood selection for sale and I’ll greatly appreciate your support when I do! You provide support of $25, $50 or $100 when you purchase a Robin Hood Selection and in return I provide you a guaranteed 1 unit or more of profit paid to you by your book! The 1 unit profit guarantee is either delivered on the initial Robin Hood Selection you are buying or if that loses then through the Robin Hood Club. Think of it as taking from the books and giving to the players, hence Robin Hood Selections! Treat any “Robin Hood Selection” within your betting as you would any bit of information that I post/tweet each day. Bet disciplined & intelligently!

I dedicate the Robin Hood Selection to my aunt. Two years ago my aunt unexpectedly passed away. She was like a mom to me…always there no matter what I needed. My aunt supported me wholeheartedly when I told her I wanted to break into the gaming business. She was also there to cheer me through my failures. She was a big sports fan too. Every year I would watch the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament with her. It was a tradition. While she enjoyed college basketball, she was THE biggest football fan I have ever known. My aunt was best known however as a teacher. She taught in a city school and was a favorite among students. I cannot tell you how many times I’d be out with my aunt and someone would run up to hug her. It would be one of her old students excited to see her again. Her former students were eager to tell her what they were up to and what she did for them. I already knew she was special but it was awesome to witness what she meant to so many people. One of the many ways we keep her spirit alive is through a scholarship our family started in her name and for the benefit of students in her school district. She shaped many lives in positive ways, myself included! I would not have made it where I am today without her. ❤️

ALL Robin Hood Selections are backed by The Sharp Plays “1 unit Profit Promise”! What that means is if you purchase a Robin Hood Selection and it loses, I will open up the Robin Hood Club for all Robin Hood Selection buyers (using the password you received when you purchased the Robin Hood Selection). The Robin Hood Club provides you daily access to some of my personal algorithm plays which I do not post to Twitter and do not sell. You will get access to the Robin Hood Club until you recover your unit loss on the initial Robin Hood Selection you purchased AND net a MINIMUM of 1 unit of profit! It means that YOU NEVER LOSE on a Robin Hood Selection purchase! No other guarantee like it out there. Thanks again for following and for your support!