You Can’t Save Everyone!


A version of the message below is being posted to the Robin Hood Club today for all those that purchased yesterday’s Robin Hood Selection. I felt however that the message is good reality check for anyone who is betting each day in search of profits. I often talk about my aunt who was a teacher. She went out every day to try and make a difference in kid’s lives. She worked in a city where many of the kids had a shot either through sports or their intelligence. My aunt worked to foster both for them. She knew some of the kids were a lost cause. She knew that no matter how hard she tried that some kids could not be saved. It is a sad reality she had to face. I look at what I do with The Sharp Plays in a similar way but obviously not nearly as important as what my aunt did. Everything I put out in terms of content is free (except the Robin Hood Selections) in the hope that it will save gamblers from themselves. For example, even things like showing Mr. Poison. Mr. Poison is a real-life example of a typical degenerate bettor who chases and bets with no form of money management. Showing what an awful bettor does is important not for the fade but because many bettors bet the same way. I put out the selections from some of my algorithms (not all of them, have to keep something for myself) along with providing information on selections, which way the sharps/public are leaning as well as betting strategies and techniques. I also preach patience and discipline in your betting. I like to think that given my 62.7% record on algorithms (tennis, golf, MLB) that I post regularly for free, along with the other content, gives you the tools to be a profitable and winning gambler. I know however, like my aunt did with her students, that my content and lessons will fall on deaf ears. I know also that there will be many of you will take it with both hands and will use it in your daily betting. I know it will help you become the gambler you want to be. At the same time, there will be the idiots. Those that troll or say whatever just because they don’t want to take the time to learn a better way. My aunt had her students who knew everything and God knows Twitter is filled with know-it-all morons. I can’t help them, I try but they are too angry or stupid to take a breath and educate themselves. It’s OK. I don’t post what I do for them anyway. I post it for those of you who are reading this. Those of you who are taking the time to come here in the hopes there will be some bit of wisdom you can use for the future. You are my people, LOL!! The silent majority that wants to educate themselves in the art of professional betting. You are why I do what I do on Twitter and I thank you for giving me a purpose. LOL!

The following message was posted to The Robin Hood Club today. I thought it encapsulates a lot so I am sharing it here too..

Listen, it sucks to lose but it is going to happen. If you treat any play like a lock then you are setting yourself up for short term and long term betting failure. Here’s a fact… When Tim Donaghy reffed and his co-conspirator Concannon bet, the side Cocannon bet was covering the spread between 60 and 70 percent of the time (per ESPN). THOSE WERE FIXED GAMES and they are “only” hitting 60-70% of the time!!!! Let that sink in for a minute. I’ll post this to Twitter from time to time as a reminder but I think it is important to note now for one simple reason. There are a lot of whiners and unintelligent bettors who come out of the woodwork when a play loses or the algorithms go on a bad run for a few days or a week or two. Do you realize the MLB algorithms on Twitter are 137-84 (62.0%) +48.7 units. That’s 221 selections at average juice of -108 and the algorithms are hitting 62%!!! Do you comprehend how incredible it is to achieve that level of performance over that large a sample size with -108 average juice plays??? On top of that, the past two weeks have been the worst of the season for the MLB algorithms and I am STILL UP 1 UNIT DURING THAT TIME PERIOD!!! When was the last time your worst two weeks of any season meant 1 unit of profit??? I am not trying to be an ass. People are treating the last two weeks as though they are the end of humanity. My tennis algorithms are 14-7 for 66.7% and +8.0 units. My golf algorithms are 9-4 for 69.2% +4.6 units. So, the current performance of all the algorithms is in line with the performance of FIXED GAMES!! I don’t bring this up to pat myself on the back either. I bring it up to illustrate a point. Math is achieving the same performance as one of the best fixers in betting history. Also, it should further show you that even in fixed games, 30% of the time the bets were losing. So, you cannot bet as though there are any locks in life. Even fixed games are not locks. Instead you develop a strategy and you grind profits with that strategy. Sometimes you will be white hot hitting 60, 70 or maybe even 80% or more. Other times you will be ice cold hitting 40, 30 or maybe even 20% or less. However if what you are doing is right, you will always come out ahead in the end. That’s the foundation of the Robin Hood Club. I know that 58% of the time a Robin Hood Selection I sell will win. I know 42% of the time a Robin Hood Selection I sell will lose. It’s just the mathematics of gambling. There is no way around it and there are no sure things. However I do know that my algorithms have an edge. You don’t have to believe me because the bets that made up all those records for MLB, tennis and golf that I cited above were provided free of charge on Twitter and at my website. It’s as transparent as it can get and it is a level of performance comparable to fixed games! The foundation of the Robin Hood Club and the reason I use the Robin Hood Club to back up my “1 unit profit promise” on every Robin Hood Selection purchase is that I know that over time my algorithms will always turn a profit. Not out of blind faith but because they have been doing it since I first got into betting math back in the 90’s. So, I hope you never bet on a Robin Hood Selection as though it can’t miss… clearly it can. Instead, the proper mindset is for you to accept that your purchase of a Robin Hood Selection will immediately or eventually net you 1 unit of profit from your book to your pocket. It might not be on the 1st play (the Robin Hood Selection itself), it might not be on the second (when the Robin Hood Club opens), maybe not the third, fourth, fifth or sixth either. However your Robin Hood Selection purchase ($25, $50 or $100) will result in 1 unit of profit (at a minimum) in your pocket in the end. It’ll either be on the Robin Hood Selection or through the Robin Hood Club. There is no guarantee like it anywhere because nobody can deliver on it. There is no promise like it anywhere because nobody out there hits at the level and over the sample size that I (my algorithms) do. As of my writing this article, the algorithms I regularly post are a combined 160-95 for 62.7% winners in 2019… the same level of performance achieved by a fixer. Yet I do it with statistics and math. I’ll close by saying, when you buy a Robin Hood Selection understand what you are getting. You are not getting a lock, you are not getting a sure thing. Even a fixed game isn’t a sure thing. Nope! When you buy a Robin Hood Selection you are paying $25, $50, $100 in exchange for 1 unit of profit at some point from my algorithms. If that 1 unit of profit is not achieved on the first play it will definitely and always be on the subsequent plays thanks to the Robin Hood Club… however many selections there may be in the process. Whatever you bet, I don’t think it is a bad deal to trade $25, $50 or $100 for a guaranteed minimum of 1 unit of profit from your book. Seems like a good deal to me. I hope it is to you too!

Last thing for those of you new to the Robin Hood Club. I do not force plays, I do not chase. I practice patience and discipline. Please be patient and we will get our 1 unit of profit. I don’t release 2 unit plays or 4 units or whatever. The plays in the Robin Hood Club will range from .2 units to 1 unit. I am not in a hurry to close the Club and achieve your guarantee. I do things the right way. We will operate with calculated aggression and we will win!

Good luck in your action!
~The Sharp Plays