I am available on Direct Message on Twitter @TheSharpPlays and through email using the form below for any support needs relating to the Robin Hood Selections, Robin Hood Club or Premium Plays. Outside those support needs, please note, I would love to be able to respond to everyone but it is simply not possible. I am just one person and The Sharp Plays is something I do for the enjoyment of it. It’s nothing personal. The volume of messages has just reached a point where it is no longer manageable in the time I dedicate to The Sharp Plays. Also, be aware that I do use an answering service to sort my emails before I get to them. The service is executed by a human who deletes spam, junk, hater mail and responds to basic support requests before it gets to me. Any messages at that point are saved for me to review (things like your legitimate feedback) and I do my best to reply in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding and good luck in your action!