Content Updates & Information

The content I am putting out this football season is all new for me. Every week, especially in these first few weeks of the season, I am reviewing every bit of content to find what works to create an effective & efficient content program for The Sharp Plays.

Moving forward…

1) Twitter – I will cover my algorithms, Late Sharp Money, Sharp and Public concentrations, Mr. Poison and extremely abnormal or “Free Money” type bets that come in. I think this is a good mix of useful and entertaining information while not posting 60 messages on a Saturday or Sunday. It will consolidate content into those areas that are worthwhile and showing strong performance. I am cutting out several bits of information regularly posted that I felt were not worth the time to put together and post.

2) Direct Messages & Emails –   Each day I am SWAMPED with 100-500+ emails & direct messages from lovers and haters. Yesterday alone I had 429 direct messages back and forth!! Doesn’t even count the 136 legitimate emails I had plus another 41 that were filtered out or blocked/deleted by my mail filters. Since my customer support department is just me, I cannot get back to all the messages that arrive. I have created a page at If you send me a message and I send you this link, sorry. It’s just I cannot get back to you individually and hopefully you can find your answer on that page or within my website. I wish I could respond to everyone but it has gotten to the critical mass where it is no longer possible.

3) Lines – When I post lines for my selections, I post the worst available line among the major books. The problem in posting information this way is it puts out bad information. It does so because I might list that my algorithm likes Team A -6. I use the -6 because that is the worst line in the market at the time. However I probably bet it at a much better number. I got a lot of grief on this from Little John. On Friday Little John released USC/Utah UN52.5. Now at the time his page was updated, EVERYWHERE except Bookmaker, the line was 53.5. Even Pinnacle had 53.5. However because Bookmaker had 52.5, he had to grade on 52.5 because of this policy EVEN THOUGH he and I both bet the 53.5! Listing the worst number instead of the number we bet sends the wrong message. It says we are OK with that number which is not good at all. By instead knowing the exact number we took, you can then know whether the play is a bet or pass at your book. If you then decide to take a worse number that’s on you! For the Robin Hood Club, I will maintain grading based on the worst number among the books listed in the RHC.

4) The Sharp Plays Index – By popular demand the Index now is broken down by sport. I really am excited about this change and look forward to seeing how this performs. You can check it out at I had to reset the Index but obviously we will slowly build data.

5) The Sharp Plays Selections –   When I started the Robin Hood Selection it began as something whereby I provided quality and FREE content daily and people who appreciated or profited from it then reciprocated by providing a small purchase once or twice a week. It was a good symbiotic relationship.

However in my effort to be everything to everyone, I later attached a guarantee to these selections. Not just any guarantee either! I provided you with a guarantee of profit through the 1 unit Profit Promise! Don’t worry, the Robin Hood Profit Promise is not going anywhere!! I love the Profit Promise and I love doing the Robin Hood Club when necessary to achieve the Profit Promise for all buyers. I love that every buyer of the Robin Hood Selections is guaranteed a profit! I also know it is a very popular feature and the Profit Promise is something you won’t find anywhere else. I even increase the Profit Promise for every 10 days the Robin Hood Club is open! So, all Robin Hood Selections will continue to have the 1 unit Profit Promise guarantee!

Moving forward, I will also offer other betting information for sale with no guarantee attached each week. Between the Robin Hood Selection or these non-guaranteed selections, I expect to have no more than two plays for sale each week. I would like to think it’s not exactly a lot when taken with the overwhelming volume of content provided for free daily & weekly.

There are many websites out there where people pay upwards of $125 for a single “Guaranteed” selection. By “Guaranteed” it just means if the play loses you don’t get billed. Not really a true guarantee. You could also purchase “non-guaranteed” which means you get billed either way. The “non-guaranteed” plays are priced from $30 to $75 and none of these folks gave you quality free content. I like to think my pricing and offering these occasionally is not exactly picking pockets or unfair to do.

6) Robin Hood Club – Please be aware I have an aggressive bankroll management style to get very tight when losing and expand when winning. I will however release plays rated up to 1 unit at any time depending on the quality of the information or value within the selection. I bring this up because the Colts were close to being a 1 unit play but I got gun shy and now regret it. I got gun shy because I said people are going to think I am chasing but really there was strong value. I maxed it to 0.5 but still. So, I just wanted to make it known that the RHC can wager any amount up to 1 unit at any time. I really tightened this up based on the “snowflakes” to quote Little John, who would appear suicidal on Twitter after losing 1 unit on a bet or OH MY GOD, multiple bets. I guess they never lost at gambling before. LOL!

The main realization from this weekend for me is I will never make everyone happy. I tried to take into account the feedback and ideas as I shaped The Sharp Plays but everyone has a different opinion. Usually those opinions are conflicting with other’s opinions and often self-serving to the opinion giver. Instead I will do what I think is best at all times and hopefully you come along for the ride with me. I welcome all feedback but at the end of the day, The Sharp Plays is going to be modeled in a way, that above all else works for me. My goal is to provide you quality and profitable content… 95% of it being free, maintain transparency in performance, have fun and make what I do mutually beneficial to all parties involved in it! I appreciate all the very kind messages all of you send each day and each week. Thank for very much for the support! Let’s have some fun this week and let’s cash some tickets!!!!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays