Another NFL Season in the Books – Thank you!!


Can you believe it? It’s all over! Every year I find myself with less and less energy once the Super Bowl is over. It sucks getting older! It is amazing to think that all the excitement, all those wild Saturdays & Sundays, crazy wins and painful bad beats are now all in the books. Another football season has concluded!

I hope all of you had fun! While there are always ups and downs in gambling, overall it was another fun and profitable season! It could not have ended any better either! The Super Bowl Prop I offered as paid content this week CASHES the ticket in dramatic fashion with a big catch by Hill to get Hill OVER 76.5 yards! Thanks to everyone who took part! Then the NFL Playoff Bonanza, which ran for the entire playoffs, CASHED with an LJP 3 and top sharp consensus play on Kansas City! It was a profitable Bonanza overall and a win for the prop! Perfect finish to the season!

Now it’s time for me to step away from the computer for a few weeks. It’s not a long reprieve, 26 full days to be exact. It is a leap year so I do get a bonus vacation day this month! LOL! I will need it! Before you blink, it’ll be March Madness and all the chaos will be upon us. I especially can’t wait for Mr. Poison’s epic March Madness action (he’s 6-12 in NCAABB this season)! He broke all the records in March Madness 2019… opening the tournament with a 4-28 run and finishing 11-31!! Incredible, so get ready!

The question I get the most is what can people expect for content while I am taking a break in February? Here’s the answer…

+ The Sharp Plays Index will update automatically every morning. Just be sure to place your cursor on the last data point to check the date and see if it is updated. The chart is the one thing I know for sure because it is all done automatically and requires nothing from me. Some days the update might be delayed due to work being done on the back-end of the website, however at some point the chart will update for the day.

+ Beyond the Index updating daily, I really don’t know what content I will put up. It all depends what I am doing that day and what I happen to notice when I peek at the action. I do expect to post Mr. Freeze or Mr. Poison. I will also cover Bettor #4 from the Robin Hood Members page. Other than those three things, if I happen to see anything in the markets when peek in on them each day, I will report. I would say to expect, at most, 2-4 tweets a day on the action in February. Hopefully just enough to give you a fix and have some fun!

+ Also, I will be clearing out my emails and Direct Messages this morning. Regarding messages and emails during the rest of February, I have setup this link with details on how all that will be handled… The short answer is I will be checking email maybe once per week and will not be checking DM’s at all myself. If there is some sort of urgent matter you want to touch base on, feel free to email or DM. I will have a service handling emails and someone clearing my DMs once or twice a day for me. So you can still send a message and if it is something important (not sure what that would be for The Sharp Plays), someone will let me know! However if you are looking for content or something like that, my apologies but I won’t be checking in to answer or provide a response.

While I recharge the batteries, I hope you will do the same too! A break from gambling is never a bad thing. There will always be action in the future and a little break can make a big difference mentally and physically. One of the non-gambling things I am going to do in my down time is look back on 2019. It was a year where I increased the daily content exponentially on Twitter and the website. While away in February I am excited to look back at my monthly logs and assess what I liked, what I didn’t like and the changes I want to make moving forward. When I get back on March 1st, the first article I will be putting up on the website is a 2019 review and plans for 2020! I will also go over the changes to the website and content moving forward in the article. I am actually looking forward to digging into the whole process myself because I have a lot of ideas. I also have several things I wish I would have done differently now that I look back on the past year. So, stay tuned for that article. I will email it to all of you and put it on the website on March 1st!

As I say after every season and it always begs repeating… I appreciate you being a part of the action with me! I hope you had a fun season and whether a lover, a hater, a fader or just an old fashioned follower, I hope the content was helpful in your betting… however you chose to use it!

I would like to wish you nothing but the best of luck in your action in 2020! I am looking forward to another very fun and profitable year! It should be quite exciting with all the new technological developments in the works too! Have a great and relaxing February!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays