The Lifelong Profit Promise… Never Achieved

I included the below in the Robin Hood Club today. It got excellent feedback and some non-RHC members were curious about it so I thought I’d posted it here on the website. Hope you enjoy!

While 98% of gamblers will act and pretend they are lifetime winners, 96-98% of that 98% will actually be lying. The reason is long term studies and industry research has shown that 96-98% of gamblers will be lifetime losers betting sports. It’s why the bookmakers make all the money. A long time ago or perhaps for some, a short time ago, you started betting on sports. At some point you made your first sports bet. Maybe you won the first bet, maybe you lost the first bet. Eventually, though you got to the point where your overall sports betting had you down at least 1 unit to the sportsbook. When sports gamblers get down that 1 unit, 96-98% of them NEVER recover. How could that be possible? Because 96-98% of sports gamblers are lifetime losers. Being a lifetime loser starts with the first lost unit and continues from there! So, at some point roughly 96% of sports gamblers lost that first unit and to be a lifetime loser means they never recovered. They never got that unit back and turned a profit from there on out.

Those of you reading this today… think back honestly and look at your lifetime performance betting sports. Are you up money or down money? Sure every gambler has had winning and losing streaks. Maybe off one of your winning streaks you bought a sports car or had the down payment for a house. However… did that winning streak actually get you the book’s money or did you just get back some of the money you lost in the previous years to various books?

When you purchase sports selections from services they all attempt to provide you a guarantee. Maybe they don’t bill you if the play loses. Maybe they give you the next selection free or a free week or month of service. The real losers will sell you a single selection and give the next season for free if it loses. I am not aware of any legitimate service that gives you free service until they turn a profit for you. You know why they don’t offer it? Because as simple as it may sound… few, if any, could actually achieve it! That’s the bottom line. Sure they will achieve the guarantee several times but eventually they will have that ice cold run that buries them. It leaves them in a hole they never get out of… just like the average gambler. It is only a matter of time! Why, because eventually they lose a play like I did on July 4th. Then as part of the guarantee they promised to provide free service to get you profitable. Only they have a month like July and because they press and chase, since they want to get the guarantee over so they can sell picks again, they actually dig a much deeper hole. Now in the search of 1 unit of profit, one simple lousy unit, they end up down 8, 10, 12, 15+ units because of a bad run. Eventually they just give up and close up! Again, it’s only a matter of time!

How many of you are years into your personal sports betting profit promise? How many of you are still trying to get to at least +1 unit lifetime betting sports?? My point is not to remind you of your losses in the adventure of sports betting. It’s rather to illustrate that while getting back to +1 unit of profit may seem rather simple, it isn’t. It isn’t because when 96% of gamblers lose, they never achieve that goal of being +1 unit again. If all sports gamblers were able to finish their betting careers +1 unit, the sportsbooks would be long closed. If even 96% of gamblers ended their lifetime betting career at +1 unit, how would the books make any money?!? Just one single, lousy, simple unit! I hope over this past month and whatever time awaits the RHC to achieve the profit promise that you see the benefit of bankroll management and of patience. I was grinding for over a month here. Playing the values, not pressing or chasing, never down more than 2.5 units in the worst Robin Hood Selection/Club run ever. Only -2.5 units!!! We finally got our moment and the values paid off yesterday in a +2.96 unit day. Now we all sit here today having erased the losses in the RHC, having erased the 1 unit loss on Tampa from July 4th. Now we have +0.86 units of the books money and I will be working for more! Patience, discipline, bankroll management and betting value! It’s kept me in that 2-4% of gamblers and hopefully it’ll put you in that Club, the Lifetime Winners Club too!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays