The Sharp Plays – Premium Plays

I discussed much of this over the past week. However I wanted to consolidate all the information on the Premium Plays into one place and add some additional details. I always receive offers of gratuities (thank you!) due to the quality and FREE content I publish daily to Twitter and this website. I don’t like the idea of gratuities as I prefer you get something extra (the selection) if you are willing to support. So, I started the Robin Hood Selection back in March of this year for people who wanted to show their support. People who appreciated or profited from the daily content I provided then reciprocated by supporting with a small purchase once or twice a week. It was/is a good symbiotic relationship.

However in my effort to be everything to everyone, I later attached a guarantee to these Robin Hood Selections. Not just any guarantee either! I provided you with a guarantee of profit through the 1 unit Profit Promise! Don’t worry, the Robin Hood Profit Promise is not going anywhere!! I love the Profit Promise and I enjoy doing the Robin Hood Club when necessary to achieve the Profit Promise for all RH buyers. I love that every buyer of a Robin Hood Selection is guaranteed a profit! I also know it is a very popular feature and the Profit Promise is something you won’t find anywhere else. All Robin Hood Selections will continue to have the 1 unit Profit Promise guarantee included! It’s not going anywhere!

Along with the Robin Hood Selections, I will also offer other betting information for sale with no guarantee attached called “Premium Plays”. Like any selection I offer, these “Premium Plays” are not a lock or Game of the Week/Month/Year. Between the Robin Hood Selection or these non-guaranteed Premium Plays, I expect to have no more than two plays for sale each week. I would like to think it’s not exactly a lot when taken with the overwhelming volume of content provided for free on a daily basis.

There are many websites out there charging upwards of $125 for a single “guaranteed” selection. By “guaranteed” it just means if the play loses you don’t get billed. There’s no profit guarantee if you lose, which means the “guarantee” is not really a true guarantee. From these same operators you could also purchase the “guaranteed” selection on a “non-guaranteed” basis. The “non-guaranteed” basis just means you get billed win or lose. The same $125 play with the “guarantee” (term used very loosely by them) is usually $75 on the “non-guaranteed” basis. Overall the “non-guaranteed” plays are priced from $30 to $75 and of course none of these provided you quality free content all week. I like to think my pricing of the “Premium Plays” is highly competitive at only $25.

If you are interested in the Premium Plays, I will be sending an email to my mailing list as well as announcing on Twitter whenever one is available. You can now see the new “Premium Play” link in the menu at the top of the website. The “Premium Play” page will be a central location for any of The Sharp Plays products. My plan is to have 1-2 plays per week available for purchase. Those plays could be Robin Hood Selections (guaranteed) or Premium Plays (non-guaranteed). However no new Robin Hood Selections will be sold anytime the Robin Hood Club is in operation. I don’t want to have the potential of two Robin Hood Clubs at the same time. The goal of either selection (Robin Hood or Premium) is, as I say at the website… You are not getting a lock, you are not getting a sure thing. Buying any selection is just a means for people to show support for the free content I provide daily and in return you get a selection. My long-term goal is to hit at least 55% or better on the Premium Plays and if they do, it will be a solid success with a strong ROI! If you are not comfortable with anything I just said… please do not purchase. I totally understand. Thank you very much for your support & generosity! The long and short of it is simply, I take pride in putting out the best quality and highest performing content I am able. Whether my algorithms, the sharp information, public information, Mr. Poison, whatever… my goal is to put out great content. Almost all of the content is free on Twitter or this website. I hope all the free content puts money in your pocket to support things important in your life! If it does, in return I would greatly appreciate you supporting things important to me with your purchase! Really that’s all these selections are about, it’s that simple.

What will the Premium Plays consist of? Premium Plays WILL NOT be my algorithms. My algorithms will only ever be Robin Hood Selections or offered in the Robin Hood Club. Premium Plays on the other hand can be L.J.’s Plays, sharp bettor information or something else. When there is a Premium Play, I will let you know the source of the play. Again, I expect to offer 1-2 plays per week for sale (Premium and Robin Hood Selections combined). One week might be two Robin Hood Selections (assuming the Club isn’t open), another week might be two Premium Plays or one week might be a Robin Hood and a Premium play. Again, there will never be a new Robin Hood Selection if the Club is currently in session. The intention of the Premium Play is that if you like the content the previous week, give a Premium Play a shot. I appreciate it! If you think the content was garbage the previous week, OK, don’t give the Premium Play a shot. Pretty simple! If you decide not to give a Premium Play a shot, it is only one bit of information you miss out on. Like anything I release, the goal is over the long term that these will be another +EV proposition for your betting enjoyment! Thanks for checking them out and for the support!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays