The purchase below is a PREORDER for the NCAAF Premium Play on November 23rd, 2019. The play will be released on Saturday by 11am ET if a 12pm ET start OR by 1pm ET for the rest of the Saturday schedule.

For Premium Play background visit

If you have already purchased the Premium Play, you can use your password at to view the selection, if available.

Premium Plays will be the top sharp consensus bet. The top sharp consensus bet is the side/total getting bet most frequently and without contradiction among the Top 5 sharp players at two global books. The Premium Play is a non-guaranteed purchase. Let’s have some fun and make the Premium Plays a long-term +EV wager! The Robin Hood Selection/Club is different from the Premium Play. For details on the Robin Hood Selection/Club, visit

The Sharp Plays Premium Play Selection – $25, $50, $100
The different prices below do not take you to different information. The $50 and $100 price options are there for anyone who would like to support more than the minimum $25 required for the purchase. Simply check the circle for the level of support desired and click the “Buy Now” button. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. Simply select the “Guest Checkout” option when you reach the PayPal page. I understand you can also use your Venmo account through the PayPal system to purchase. For Bitcoin options, contact me using the form here or Direct Message through Twitter OR you can make a $25 Bitcoin payment through this link.

Like any selection offered here at The Sharp Plays… You are not getting a lock, you are not getting a sure thing. Buying any selection is just a means for people to show support for the content I provide free daily and in return you get bonus content that will not be posted publicly. My long-term goal is to hit at least 55% or better on any paid selections. If I do, the Premium Play Selections will be an ROI success! If you are not comfortable with anything I just said… please do not purchase! Thank you very much for your support & generosity!



Once your payment is processed and your purchase is complete, BE SURE TO CLICK “RETURN TO MERCHANT” AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAYPAL CONFIRMATION PAGE. You will receive an email to the email address provided which will contain the password and link to use to access the Robin Hood Club. If you run into trouble or you do not receive the email (within 5-10 minutes of your order) just contact me using the form here or Direct Message on Twitter and be sure to include the email address you used to purchase.

For my personal privacy and anonymity I use a processor to handle these sales for me. It is NOT my own Pay Pal account so please don’t randomly send money to the email address on the account nor to my email address. I am not setup on Pay Pal so your money will be floating out in the digital universe. Thank you though for the thought!