Thank you for purchasing a Robin Hood Selection! The Robin Hood Selection is one play. When a result of success or failure comes down to one game, one bet, it is tough to assure success. Long term success as a +EV bettor can be assured despite cold runs. However in one play, so many things can happen. Chief among those things is bad luck. I regularly post the following fact in my discussions on the Robin Hood Selections I sell because I think it is important for perspective… “You are not getting a lock, you are not getting a sure thing. Even a fixed game isn’t a sure thing. When Tim Donaghy reffed and his associate Concannon bet, the side Cocannon bet was covering the spread between 60 and 70 percent of the time (per ESPN). THOSE WERE FIXED GAMES and they are ‘only’ hitting 60-70% of the time!” When you are betting something with an edge, you are confident that as you continue to bet that angle/edge, eventually you will win out. The problem is along that road, in individual games, variance occurs. Some of the best sharp bettors go on awful cold runs that would make Mr. Poison or Mr. Freeze look like amazing handicappers. However those sharp bettors know that if they stay disciplined, bet smart and maintain patience… eventually the run will turn and they will be back to heavy profitability. The same goes for the Robin Hood Selection!

I base the Robin Hood Selection on information that has a strong track record of success. Whether “known” bettor information or my algorithms. When I offer the Robin Hood Selection, I stress that the selection is simply a way to show appreciation for what I do for free each day by supporting things which are important to me. You support things important to me with your purchase of $25, $50 or $100 on the Robin Hood Selection I sell and in return I deliver 1 unit or more of profit to you which is paid by your book. I think it is a pretty fair trade-off. If the Robin Hood Selection I sell loses, then the Robin Hood Club opens to recover the loss and turn the 1 unit or more of guaranteed profit. The Robin Hood Club has never failed to deliver on the “1 unit Profit Promise”.

I don’t like losing. It happens, losing happens. I thought, how can I make the Robin Hood Selection a sure winner? As in, if the Robin Hood Selection loses, what I can provide to make it an amazing value for the price AND to make sure every Robin Hood buyer is given something very special. Those who are Robin Hood buyers are a very small group. My band of merry men and women. You deserve a special assurance!

I put in place The Sharp Plays “1 unit Profit Promise” which is attached to every Robin Hood Selection I sell. If you purchase a Robin Hood Selection and the play loses, you will get access to the Robin Hood Club until your unit loss is recovered AND you are profitable by 1 unit. No guarantee like it anywhere! The Robin Hood Club is only something that is open/active when a Robin Hood Selection loses. It’s not a daily service. If a Robin Hood Selection loses then the doors of the Robin Hood Club open to those who bought the play. The doors stay open until the selections and information provided in the RH Club cover the loss and make you a winner! Put simply, I will track the record of the algorithm plays and information I post in the Robin Hood Club. When that information covers the unit loss on the initial Robin Hood Selection you purchased and you turn a 1 unit or more profit on top, the doors will close. If the Robin Hood Selection wins, the doors stay closed since the Robin Hood Selection offered for sale cashed as a 1 unit winner right out of the gate! If the Robin Hood Selection loses then yes, the RH Club is now opened!

How will you know when information is posted to the Robin Hood Club? I will post a message on Twitter. The sure fire way to make sure you don’t miss anything is I will update the Robin Hood Club page ALWAYS by 10am ET, Noon ET and again by 6pm ET. If you check a few minutes after those times (i.e. 10:05am ET, 12:05pm ET and 6:05pm ET) you will be certain never to miss a thing that I post in the Club.

I am excited about this feature. Yes, even though the information I provide to Twitter should EASILY cover the loss of one or multiple Robin Hood Selections in a row… still… you fine folks were willing to support through your purchase and I want to provide you something very special! So this is gambling, what could be more special than a profit guarantee? A guarantee that anytime you support with a Robin Hood Selection purchase you will never be left a loser on that play and you will have a “money in your pocket” guarantee of 1 unit from that purchase. Plus everything I post in the Robin Hood Club will be information I DO NOT post publicly. It’s an even further bonus! Thanks for following and your support!