The Sports Hedge Fund

Is the picture above your vision of sports gambling? Is it a field of money trees ripe for your picking? If it is, I am sorry to wake you up from the dream. Real professional gambling is more like the picture below. It’s a tough job, not suited for everyone, where you are constantly pushing the limits of mental and physical fatigue, with the forces of nature (or the house edge) constantly working against you and where one mistake can have you plunging to your death… financial death.

Why if the above is true would anyone want to gamble? Simple, most gamblers never let go of the dream where you can win 60-70% of your bets and turn $2,000 or $5,000 into a career as a professional gambler. Some believe you can take $500, go to the casino and turn it into $1000 or $1500 without any trouble to cover bills. So… the casino stays open despite the fact that anytime someone needs money they can show up and have a high probability of doubling or tripling their money??? The warped reality of how gambling works is a dream of fast and easy money. It’s a dream every casino and bookmaker sells to you. States would not be clamoring to get sports betting if sportsbooks were just a big welfare program where the majority won money. No, 96% of gamblers lose money long-term. Of all the people that have ever gambled in their lives, 96% will die having a negative ROI. I know, that’s a bit morbid but it is also the truth.

How can you get in the 4%? You must first understand the reality and mathematics of gambling. The grind is the reality of professional gambling. It is what poker players do and why they strive to get a lot of table time. It is was card counters do and it is what sports bettors do too… we grind! I can best illustrate the power of grinding profits using the Robin Hood Selections and Robin Hood Club. My goal with the Robin Hood Selections & Club is to show you a different way to look at betting. A +EV method of grinding profit, no chasing or pressing, practicing patience and smart bankroll management. It can be very boring and very frustrating to be patient and disciplined but it can also drastically reduce gambling stress and increase performance.

Here are the numbers… lifetime the Robin Hood Selections are 17-1 in achieving the Profit Promise. Obviously the “1” is the current session. The previous 17 have generated +19.3 units of profit. If we deduct the current -2.96 units of loss, Robin Hood Selections have generated 16.34 units of profit lifetime (since March). It is very much a +EV bet regardless of the current session. Even with the length of some of the Robin Hood Club sessions (longest was 40 days, current is 26), annually Robin Hood Selection buyers will average 35 units or more of profit, never be down substantially at any point (10 units or more… not even close) and have regular betting action (daily when the Club is active).

In terms of the numbers on such a strategy, let’s say you have 100 units of bankroll (which is a common standard). Using the 100 unit bankroll example, the same 35 units of profit annually from the Robin Hood Selections/Club equates to a 35% ROI on your bankroll. A 35% ROI would beat the top performing mutual fund for 2018. The fund returned 29.55% (Invesco S&P SmallCap Health Care ETF). What more could a gambler ask for or expect? You achieve an ROI that eclipses the top mutual fund’s annual return, you never have to sweat losses because you are never close to experiencing 10 units of loss at any point, you get action on a regular, sometimes daily basis and you have some fun in the process. What’s the negative? You have to be patient and disciplined… and not everyone can do it.

Wait! I am not done yet. If you also include all the action from the active algorithms, you would have picked up an additional 63.1 units. All of which are and were posted free! If you now combine the Robin Hood Selections/Club (+16.3 units) with the active algorithms I feature and post free (+63.1 units), you have a current ROI of 79.4 units or a 79.4% ROI in less than 7 months! See why I have trouble understanding when people are panicked over a day like yesterday where we lose 0.58 units or a Robin Hood Club down 2.96 units right now? Maybe it’s just me! ūüėČ

Good luck in your action!
~The Sharp Plays