The New Frontier for 2020!

Below is a letter I sent to everyone on my mailing list as we conclude 2020. If you already read the message, you can skip down to the final paragraph where I detail the upcoming plans for 2020. It’s in green so it is easy to locate when scrolling. Enjoy!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and it is amazing to think 2019 is in its final hours! As the year comes to a close, I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you very much for joining me on the journey in 2019! It was an exciting year filled with the ups and downs of gambling. Along the way we made some incredible memories. From some crazy parlays cashing to Mr. Poison’s EPIC run in the NHL and March Madness. At one point Mr. P 4-28 in March Madness and hitting 33% out of 100 plays on NHL 1st Period totals! Incredible and posted for the world to see and fade! Maybe it was the 51 units of profit built up to the All-Star break with the MLB Totals Algorithms (they finished the season +40.2 units). It didn’t stop there thanks to all the wild and incredible runs across all facets of the content. In the end, it was a very profitable year! Of course, we also had our fair share of beatings too! It’s part of the game. As the band Poison famously said, “Every rose has its thorn!” In gambling you are going to have the weeks and weekends you can’t miss and it is inevitable you will also have to experience some weekend’s where you can’t hit a thing (like this past one). You need to be prepared to weather those bad weekends so you can enjoy the great ones that will ALWAYS be coming in the future.

Yesterday I posted a quote on Twitter. It’s from the movie “Blow”, one of my favorites. I think it is very appropriate to gambling. I hope perhaps you will use the quote as a guide for how to handle your betting in 2020. The quote is… “Sometimes you’re flush and sometimes you’re bust, and when you’re up, it’s never as good as it seems, and when you’re down, you never think you’ll be up again, but life goes on.” — Fred Jung (George’s father from the CLASSIC movie Blow).

I always talk about goldfish memory of gamblers. Bettors tend to only remember the most recent day and the most recent tickets. If you live that way as a gambler you will be short of bankroll. Why? Because you will lose your rational thought and be caught in the moment, be it winning or losing. If you get caught in the moment of winning, you bet recklessly because you feel you are flush with cash. Why not bet $1000 on some crazy prop, YOU’RE LOADED this week!! However a few weeks later you will wish you had that $1000 back as you are in the midst of a cold run. On the flip side, if you get caught up in the moment of losing, you also bet recklessly because you don’t recall that losing, like pain, is temporary. Be patient, wait it out and the winning will be back. The past weekend sucked but you know as well as I do, we will be celebrating some great weekends in the near future too. So, don’t live in the moment in 2020! Instead look at the big picture, be patient and know that the winning you are experiencing will soon give way to losing and the losing you are experiencing will soon give way again to winning. It is the yin and yang of sports betting. If you can properly handle both scenarios, you will be a very happy and wealthy bettor!

What impresses me looking back on 2019 is how the content evolved as the year went along. I am looking forward to this evolution continuing into 2020! The new real-time system has me quite excited. I see a lot of opportunities and well beyond just the Little John Protocol and Top Sharp Consensus counts. I look forward to 2020 being even bigger and even better than 2019. I hope you will continue to join me in 2020 for all the fun that is still to come! Thank you for following!

In 2019 one of the common requests was… “If there’s a Mr. Poison there must certainly be a Mr. Midas, someone with the golden touch in betting.” There sure are plenty of bettors with the golden touch at the books I am connected with. Mr. Poison is very easy to track and post his action. He usually bets an hour before the games and in one session. So, each night he logs in once, puts in a bet or two and that’s it for the night. Maybe he has a chase play but he is usually one and done 90% of the time. It makes it VERY easy for me to set an alert, get that alert with his action and post the information to Twitter. Most bettors, especially sharp bettors, are not like Mr. Poison. They will bet all hours of the day and night and up to minutes before post time. It makes it near impossible, even if I have an alert set for their account, to properly cover their action. So, it’s why I never tracked and posted the action of a single or multiple specific sharp bettors. Again, if you can’t post all their action it isn’t a good strategy to follow. In the letter above I spoke about the incredible evolution of content I covered in 2019. It has been the usage of technology in 2019 that has allowed me to dramatically and exponentially expand my content. Well, that same technological evolution will continue to allow me to expand my content into the future too! While the following expansion is the premiere idea I am working on, there are plenty more to come, it’s only the beginning!! I look forward to 2020 being a very exciting year in data and information analysis at The Sharp Plays. You probably see where I am going and the idea I have in mind. Yes, I would like to setup a real-time system to track and report the action on individual sharp bettors. It would update just like the Little John Protocol and Top Sharp Consensus does… right up to post time of the games and updated with changes every few seconds. You would be able to follow a sharp bettor’s account all day to see what they were betting and to what level they were betting. Of course it would not include their amounts or personal information but I can have the amounts automatically converted to an approximate unit rating based on their average betting levels. Now obviously there are a lot of technological and logistical issues I need to work out with this system. However, the framework is currently in place to do it. I am looking to perhaps test this idea out this week using one specific bettor. Now I know the next question will be, is this free or paid content? Like most of the content I offer, it will be both. I envision a system which covers one or multiple top sharp bettors on a daily basis, for free… every day and accessible to everyone. Then once or twice a week, a portion of the content within this system will be provided as paid content. It will ensure there is plenty of free content under this system to everyone but also provide a paid component to support the system and its expansion. I’d like to think it is pretty fair. Like any of my content, if you don’t want to pay, there will be plenty of free quality content within this new system for you, don’t worry. I am very excited about this project and others that I have in mind. Given my position I sit on a mountain of infinite betting data and working out ways to assess and analyze that data to create +EV strategies is something I love to do! It’s going to be a FUN, EXCITING & PROFITABLE 2020!!!

I wish all of you and your families a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays