To purchase The Sharp Plays Live, simply scroll down the page. I’d advise you to first review all the text on this page so you understand what you are purchasing, especially the section in red as #4 changes weekly. If you have already signed up, you can access TSP Live at

What is The Sharp Plays Live???

Back in December 2019, I developed a real-time content delivery system. I am only one person so, having some AI (artificial intelligence) scan the markets and deliver content was helpful. To say it was a big hit with the audience would be quite the understatement. Since it’s creation, I have called the real-time system… “the real-time system”. Not exactly a flashy name. So, I renamed the real-time system… “TSP Live”. When in operation, TSP Live will deliver a variety of real-time information, which will vary each week based on the sports schedule and my availability (to handle support). TSP Live will deliver everything from Robin Hood Selections (my algorithm plays), Sharp Consensus Selections (Premium, Just Missed and Other Sharp Consensus), TSP Power Ratings for select horse racing tracks, real-time “known” bettor information, real-time LJP Scoring of events, coverage of lower tier sports among many other content options. TSP Live will be the only paid sports content available each week. You can find the specific details for the current week’s offering below (#4 in the red section). What’s the price for TSP Live? The price will vary based on the content and sports coverage that week. However, I pride myself on always ensuring that paid content is affordable for everyone. I hope you enjoy and that TSP Live helps you to cash some tickets!

My goal with TSP Live is not to tell you what to bet. If you are looking for that sort of service, save your time and money and do not purchase. My goal with TSP Live is to provide you a real-time content delivery system which provides information from my algorithms and from the sports markets at two global books. You review this information and use it in your handicapping. TSP Live is intended to be a tool in your handicapping, not a substitute for your handicapping. While I do track the information put out under TSP Live in my records and using a 1 unit base wager for performance assessment, how you use the information and whether you fade or follow is up to you. I bring you to the information buffet, you choose what to put on your plate.

STOP!!!!!!!!!  Before you proceed & purchase….

1) Some weeks you will purchase TSP Live and lose every play, other weeks you will win every play and some weeks you will experience a combination of wins & losses. The goal is that over the long term, TSP Live will be a very useful and profitable tool for you. Short term, anything can happen because nothing in life is guaranteed, not even fixed games (Donaghy’s cohorts cashed “only” 70% of the games he fixed, not 100%). If you need or are expecting to access content this week that carries a win probability/expectation of 100%, this is not for you… DO NOT BUY!!!

2) IF YOU HAVE NOT PROFITED FROM THE FREE CONTENT POSTED ON TWITTER THIS WEEK… DO NOT BUY! Paid content is not intended to be a stand-alone purchase, but rather used as a “gratuity” or “thank you” based on your success on the free content! If you are purchasing for any other reason… DO NOT BUY!!!

3) When I offer any paid content, people automatically assume it is substantially higher quality information than what I post free on Twitter. Such an assumption would be quite inaccurate! Most of my paid content is simply taking something that was posted free all week on Twitter and offering it as paid content once or twice a week. Offering paid content allows me to offset the time and expense I put into providing the free content, to all of you, daily through The Sharp Plays. Your support allows me to expand the content & technology I utilize and to support things important to me! In return, I hope not just what you are purchasing today, but all the content I provide helps to support things important in your life!

4) PLEASE READ: Every week of TSP Live is potentially different content. Therefore, it is very important to read this section to understand what the content will be for the week you are purchasing. This week’s (July 11th & 12th) TSP Live content will be “known” bettor action and the respective LJP Scoring for those plays. Leagues covered will be English Premier League, La Liga, MLS and Serie A soccer. If you have never used the Little John Protocol, I STRONGLY ADVISE you to visit before purchasing. I do not guarantee performance nor what will occur as part of TSP Live. I let the betting action and algorithms dictate the content, not an arbitrary quota. So, as always, if you ARE NOT purchasing TSP Live as a “thank you” for the free content this week, it’s best to pass on the purchase. When you signup, you will use the password you are emailed to log into the TSP Live platform. Once logged in, there will be details on how to sign-up for the text message alerts and any other important information for this week. Thanks for being a part of it! Any questions, let me know!

If the terms above ARE NOT good for you, DO NOT BUY!!! If you are good with the above terms, thank you very much for your support!

The Sharp Plays Live Access –

The different prices below do not take you to different information. The $25 and $35 price options are there for anyone who would like to support more than the minimum required to gain access to the TSP Live system this week. All paid content is non-guaranteed and only for the time period listed in #4 above. Simply check the circle for the level of support desired and click the “Purchase TSP Live” button. Your purchase gives you access to this week’s TSP Live content which is laid out in #4 in the section above. For Bitcoin options, contact me using the form here or Direct Message through Twitter OR you can make a $20 Bitcoin payment through this link.


Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, TSP Live is closed for this week. Be sure to check back Tuesday or Wednesday for information on the next session of TSP Live!


Once your payment is processed and your purchase is complete, BE SURE TO CLICK “RETURN TO MERCHANT” AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAYPAL CONFIRMATION PAGE. You will also receive an email to the email address provided which will contain the password and link to use to access the paid content. If you run into trouble or you do not receive the email (within 5-10 minutes of your order) just contact me using the form here or Direct Message on Twitter and be sure to include the email address you used to purchase.

Please note, for my privacy and anonymity, I DO NOT have a personal Pay Pal, Venmo or CashApp account. So, please don’t randomly send money to my email address. Your money will be floating out in the digital universe. Thank you for the consideration! If you would like to support outside a selection purchase, you can do so at the Support TSP link. Your purchases & support are always greatly appreciated!