Upcoming Content for Winter 2019-20


A good day to you!

I hope this message finds you well! I was asked a lot over the weekend, now that college football moves to the bowls… what will my content be like moving forward?

First, I work to provide the best content daily. Sometimes it will be awesome and sometimes it won’t. Such is life but the content should be a great long-term asset to your wagering. I do what I do because I have fun with it. However, I do it to the extent I do because those of you out there readily support things important to me with your purchases. I like to think it is a mutually beneficial relationship. I give up my time each day, throughout the day… every week, month and year to source the best information. I then post that information free to Twitter and my website. In return, if you like that information, you reciprocate once or twice a week with a purchase of some bit of content I do not provide free. It’s a pretty simple relationship.

Not only do I source the information and post it to Twitter throughout the day, but I also track every bit of content on my website the next day. The tracking then provides you a point of reference when assessing all the content. Want to know how the “Public Concentration” is doing in the NBA? Want to know how the NFL “Pro’s v Joe’s” are this season? How is the NFL Spread Algorithm? Should you fade or play the NCAAF Algorithm? Visit the website, the answers are right there, updated every morning. I pride myself on transparency, good or bad.

Despite the simplicity of this relationship there will always be those selfish souls among the group who feel I do not do enough. Based on my extensive studies, about 35% of people in life are miserable assholes, another 40% are just assholes, so I come to expect it. You could offer these folks a free steak dinner every day and they would criticize you for not also buying them dessert. There is no way around it! I pay it no mind.

With that, I thank all of you who took part in this past weekend’s Bonanza! With a 2-3 record it wasn’t as good as the previous weekend. Unfortunately, if I sell something every week it is impossible for every week to be a winner. My goal is over the long term that the pay content will always outperform everything else I do. As of today, despite the 2-3 weekend, the Top Sharp Consensus content is still 21-7 lifetime for 75%. Robin Hood Selections are 12-8 lifetime for 60% and every one of those 20 purchases have or will return at least the 1 unit Profit Promise. So, overall if you have followed the pay content, you should be doing quite fine despite this past weekend being a bit of a flop. The short term over any stretch of content is always up in the air, the long term is never in doubt. If content you purchase does not perform, aside from the Profit Promise, I don’t provide additional free content. The reason is simple, it’s because my content is already posted free daily anyway. So, this weekend’s Premium Play package did not perform, hopefully the free content all week will make up for it. If it doesn’t, don’t buy the next play or any play ever again. It’s easy!

If anything above doesn’t sound fair or proper, I am sorry! You can call me a tout (when you do at least use a capital “T”, it’s just more formal), you can post or send a message as though I give a shit about your opinion of me, you can act like a two-year-old cry baby or otherwise display your intelligence to the world with some stupid comment; I’ll block you and then we can all move on. It’s easy and painless!

So, where the hell was I? Oh yeah, December content and content moving forward! During the college football season, you got used to a barrage of content on Saturdays covering the games. The content was heavy pretty much throughout the day with many NCAAF Saturday’s having 50-60 tweets. It was a lot. By the way, it is not intended for you to use every single bit of content. I post a ton of content and then it is up to you to sort through what you like. I don’t care if you fade or follow, whatever works for you, but you should not be using every single bit of content regardless. I will first say that college basketball Saturdays will not have as much content as NCAAF Saturdays. For NCAAB Saturdays, I will do the public and sharp concentrations, I will cover one algorithm for NCAABB and I will cover any Late Sharp Money. My updates will go up to 12pm ET and then I will pop in and out the rest of the day with any newsworthy information. It will not be nearly as frequent or intense as college football. The good news is the lower level of content on Saturday for college will allow me to cover NBA, NHL and soccer more, something I did not really have time to do with football. So, this is what Saturdays will now be like through the NCAABB conference tournaments. The NCAA tournament itself will be different, and I will cover that content when we get to it. For those of you who were with me this past year for March Madness, I think we had a lot of fun and made a ton of money! Hope to do it again in 2020!

For the bowls, I will cover every bowl from an algorithm perspective for side and total, I will provide the Little John Protocol score for each side and total. I will also report on what the public and sharp money is doing in the bowl game as well as any Late Sharp Money (MY FAVORITE) for the bowls. Be aware that early sharp buying on the bowls is often head fake action and changes dramatically when the actual bowl game arrives. It makes the high limit, Late Sharp Money some of the best action all year. Hopefully it will again be the case this bowl season! The only time the free content for a bowl game will change is if I offer pay content for a bowl game. I WILL NOT offer pay content for the college football playoff games or the National Championship game. All that content will be free! There are 40 bowl games, I expect to have pay content on no more than 3-4 of those games. The other 36-37 (90%+) bowl games will have 100% free content!

From now through the Super Bowl, the weekday content will be pretty much what you are used to seeing. I will provide any “Just Missed” Premium Plays and Other Sharp Consensus action free on Twitter. I used it for the Bonanzas the past two weeks, but this past weekend was the last Bonanza until March. So that content will be moving back to Twitter. Thanks again for taking part both weeks!

Then in February, the day after the Super Bowl, I wrap up all my paperwork from the previous season and file it away. I then take the rest of the month off from the daily grind. I will be traveling and generally enjoying family time to make up for the lack of it from August through the Super Bowl. It’s my favorite time of year and I feel relaxed just thinking about it. Anyway, during these weeks in February I will still provide free content daily to Twitter. It’s just that the February content will be limited to things I don’t have to be at the PC constantly to source. I will post the daily concentrations (I can have these generated on an automated basis), I will post any action from Mr. Poison (I have an alert programmed for him), I will post any information that comes across my messages which I think is newsworthy. I will not be posting Late Sharp Money, I will not be posting any algorithms, I will not have content throughout the day the day and night covering all sports. Hopefully the content I do provide in February will be just enough to give you your fix until I and my normal content return in March. I am working on an idea for my loyal followers during this time as well. I am not sure how it will play out, but I will keep you posted as it develops. It is simply an automated solution which I am toying with. I always love evolving!

I think today’s message was already too long, but I think it basically lays out what you can expect now through the NCAABB Tournament in mid-March! Thank you for following and again, sorry this got so long. In case I don’t speak with you before, Happy Holidays and I hope you and your families have a healthy and wealthy 2020!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays